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1104 Main Street
Haddam, KS, 66944
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Complete Raw Honey

mIDWEST produced honey, fresh from the farm to you. 

Our raw honey comes straight from the hive to your home with minimal filtering to retain all of the healthy properties found in honey. 

Most commercially processed honey is heated to 180 degrees, and pressure filtered to 10-15 microns.  This removes all tiny pieces of wax (beeswax/honeycomb). This processing also removes all pollen that the bees collect and is present in raw honey.

RevHoney's REAL honey is COMPLETE with

                                                                           Pollen      Enzymes       Minerals       Vitamins             naturally in occurring in raw honey.

RevHoney REAL HONEY COMPLETE is gently warmed to less than 120 degrees to minimize heat damage. 

Pollen grains range from 20 to 150 microns depending on the flower the honeybee visited.  RevHoney is gravity strained to 400 microns to remove large pieces of wax, therefore retaining all the pollen in RevHoney REAL HONEY COMPLETE.     



12 oz squeeze container & 3 lb jug

Available in 12 oz easy pour squeeze inverted container and 3 lb jug.  Our raw honey is the best tasting, natural source of nature's sweet treat. Each batch of pure honey comes from a variety of floral sources including clover, alfalfa, sunflower, soybean, and wildflower. 


Need more honey? Contact us directly for bulk honey options and pricing.