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General health

Proper rest

Jerry Brown

Lack of sleep is a major problem

You will spend roughly a third of your life sleeping. Sleeping is an absolutely critical necessity to living. Lack of sleep has been associated with obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, ADHD, mood disorders, and lowered immunity.

Sleep is primarily a state of mental suspension and cellular restoration. During sleep, your cells rebuild and repair their numbers while your brain sorts through the sensory input of the day.

Sleep is energy-intensive

Contrary to popular perception sleep is energy intensive, causing only a 5-10% reduction from your waking metabolic rate. Fuel necessary for the restoration of your kidneys, brain, and blood cells is sourced primarily from your liver’s production of glycogen.

Refuel your liver to sleep better

While there are other factors contributing to poor sleep, an under-fueled liver will cause the release of stress hormones during the night and thus reduce the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Getting proper rest is essential to your health and well-being but proper rest cannot be attained without sufficient, quality fuel (glycogen) from your liver.