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General health

Restoring your health

Jerry Brown

Tip #1: Sleep soundly by taking honey before bed

Take one to two tablespoons of raw honey within the hour before bed to properly fuel your liver and get a better night’s sleep.

Honey’s fructose assists in a smooth, efficient refueling of your liver’s glycogen stores. By keeping your liver’s glycogen properly topped off, you reduce your brain’s production of stress hormones thereby promoting better, more restorative sleep. Consuming a tablespoon of honey within the hour before bed reduces metabolic stress during the night and allows you to wake up refreshed and restored.

Lower Your Blood Sugar by eating honey

Replace the recommended 10% of your diet sourced from simple sugars with honey and watch your blood sugar (HbA1c) levels lower by 2% or more.

(A highly unique aspect of honey currently under research, is its containment of H.I.S.S., or hepatic insulin sensitizing substances, such as zinc-oxide and glutathione. H.I.S.S. help absorb glucose into your bones, thereby naturally helping your body control its blood sugar levels.)

Run Faster & bike farther with honey as your fuel

For better athletic performance and endurance, replace drinks and energy supplements containing processed sugars such sucrose (table sugar), sucrose-dextrose syrups, high fructose corn syrup and crystalline fructose with those containing only all-natural, raw honey.

(The 1-1 ratio of fructose to glucose found in honey work together to quickly supply glycogen and glucokinase to your muscles and brain without the enzymatic hydrolysis required by straight sucrose or the gastric distress caused by straight fructose.)