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General health

Understanding Glucose

Jerry Brown

Poor food quality = poor performance

The overconsumption of fuel can precipitate a myriad of health issues including fatigue, obesity, and diseases such as diabetes. Dirty burning fuels can result in excessive cellular storage and toxicity, i.e. they can make you fat and sick.

Glucose is the body’s primary fuel

Glucose is the key fuel source for your body. It provides crucial energy to your muscles and cells, and is the only source of fuel for your brain.

Glucose is a simple sugar broken down from carbohydrates found in grains, breads, rice, cereals, pastas, fruits, vegetables, most dairy products, refined sugars and honey.

Your blood glucose, or blood sugar level, changes throughout the day depending on your diet and metabolism. Your body must maintain its blood sugar levels within a certain range.

Dangerous blood sugar levels

Too little blood sugar and you become hypoglycemic, where in mild cases you feel mentally foggy, numb and can experience shakiness. In severe cases of hypoglycemia you can pass out, have a seizure, go into a coma or even die.

Too much blood sugar and you become hyperglycemic where your glucose levels shoot up and insulin from your pancreas pushes the excess sugar into your cells as fat. Extended or constantly high blood sugar levels can lead to obesity and diabetes, where your pancreas no longer produces sufficient insulin and you must supplement with insulin injections.

Make all-natural foods a part of your diet

There are a lot of diets and suggested consumption guidelines available today, and each one must be counter-balanced by your own metabolism, but to keep your blood sugar levels steady, you must watch what and how many carbohydrates you eat.

A moderate diet containing natural, minimally processed carbohydrates will provide the best, most efficient glucose for your body.