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General health

What your body needs

Jerry Brown

Consistent, clean energy

Your body is a complex organism consisting of many interdependent systems. All these systems require consistent fuel for normal operation, recovery and growth.

Fuel sources are broken down by the body, and their energies are transferred to functioning systems in need.

Not all fuels can be processed by your body and are thus either eliminated or stored in your cells and tissues.

Nutrient-rich foods

Your body needs nutrient-rich foods that can be cleanly processed without requiring excessive storage or digestive load.

Foods that require difficult digestive processing or result in excess fat storage can cause both acute and chronic stress on your body.

Manageable stress levels

Longevity, health and wellness occur when you minimize and maintain low-stress levels. Nutrient-rich, clean-burning fuels help your body manage stress and maintain proper energy levels.

For increased overall wellness, your body needs proper fueling, proper exercise and proper rest.