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General health

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Understanding Glucose

Jerry Brown

Poor food quality = poor performance

The overconsumption of fuel can precipitate a myriad of health issues including fatigue, obesity, and diseases such as diabetes. Dirty burning fuels can result in excessive cellular storage and toxicity, i.e. they can make you fat and...

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Proper rest

Jerry Brown

Lack of sleep is a major problem

You will spend roughly a third of your life sleeping. Sleeping is an absolutely critical necessity to living. Lack of sleep has been associated with obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, ADHD, mood disorders, and lowered immunity...

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What your body needs

Jerry Brown

Consistent, clean energy

Your body is a complex organism consisting of many interdependent systems. All these systems require consistent fuel for normal operation, recovery and growth.

Fuel sources are broken down by the body, and their energies are...

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